NATO forces already operating in Syria

This article is too simplistic to suit me. However, I agree with the following:

The progressives and liberals who earlier rushed to cheer for the so-called "Libyan revolution" are now left to make excuses for a group of NATO-installed criminals whose short record includes racist lynchings, mass executions and the handing over of Libya's resources to their imperialist masters.

U.S. imperialism is driven by the expand-or-die logic of capitalism to dominate the world politically, economically and militarily. Backed by mainstream media lies and despite its fake rhetoric of "freedom, democracy and human rights," its interventions are intended to increase profit for its capitalist class and secure its global domination.

Read the whole article: NATO forces already operating in Syria.

I did not want Qaddaffi to remain dictator or to conduct his threatened bloodbath while I was also not supportive of the violent revolution. Ultimately though, it was Qaddaffi's failure to reform in a proper and timely manner that led to his ouster, short of the "West" pulling another Operation Ajax regardless of any then Qaddaffi popularity for just cause.

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