"The Road We've Traveled" Tom Hanks narrates drivel about Barack Obama

Aren't you sick of this slick, propagandistic, psy-ops drivel yet?

Where's the truth about all the innocent babies dead from Hellfire Missiles from US predator drones operated by the unaccountable CIA?

Where's the truth about Iran's non-existent nuclear weapons program while Obama gives speeches at the AIPAC to appease the Zionists in the US supporting the land-thieving Zionists in Palestine they call Israel?

Where's the truth about the war crimes in Iraq and elsewhere while Bradley Manning, who rightly leaked the crimes, remains locked up and Julian Assange, who rightly published them, is wanted by the US as if he's a mad dog?

Why are innocent prisoners still wasting away in GITMO?

What's this crap in this video about clamping down on Wall Street so the banksters won't ever be able to do it again? It's hogwash.

Also, how many soldiers have gone from Iraq to Afghanistan and elsewhere and not home?

What in the world happened in Libya? Qaddaffi had grossly enriched himself and spoiled his children on the Libyan people's oil money, but why in the world did the US carry out the kinds of strikes it did for months on end? Where was the surgical team that took out Osama bin Laden then, not that killing is ever good?

Why does this video act as if the number of jobs has been so great when so many of those jobs are so much lower paying than the ones that used to exist and when there were so many much better methods for creating so many more and better jobs? Where was the New New Deal? Where are the interest-and-debt-free United States Notes to replace the privatized Federal Reserve Notes? We could solve all of the economic woes in a few weeks.

Why is throwing the doors open to sodomites such a great thing? Who doesn't know that, that lower than beastly act is a complete confusion? Where's the truth being told about it? Rather, the children are being told it's just fine and healthy. No wonder the nation is falling apart while these people make one-sided, spinning videos.

Why did the Bush administration get away with torture and illegal spying on US citizens?

Where's the investigation about Building 7 on 9/11?

I could go on, of course, but don't we all know enough to know that not one of the major names running for US President is a great man? Why are our standards so utter and pathetically low?

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