Homosexual-Fascist Government Declares Traditional Christian Parents Unfit to Foster Children

Could you tell a boy that letting other males put their penises up his anus and rectum and to motion back and forth there until they ejaculate is okay? If you could, you're mentally and sexually ill and would be leading that boy into self abuse and confusion, harming him greatly. The main homosexual act is fundamentally wrong. The planet is being overtaken by mentally disturbed sexual predators limiting the discussion to supposed sanitized versions of homosexuality -- claiming it is about "love" when the main act itself is far from a loving act but rather selfishness playing into illness and confusion only compounding the error. Nothing good will come out from this recent movement to pro-homosexuality -- nothing!

There is no homosexual gene. Homosexuality is not an all or nothing but rather on a spectrum -- meaning it is similar to other habits from which one can wean oneself. Most homosexuality is the result of physical and mental abuse, poor role modeling, misinformation, and evil temptations in youth and even later.

Watch the video and read the following: http://www.firstthings.com/article/2012/01/same-sex-science

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