New Discoveries for Carbon Capture and Storage

Climate change is generally attributed to carbon emissions, and efforts to reduce carbon emissions tend to focus on clean energy sources such as wind or solar power. However despite the advances in clean energy sources many believe that humanities greenhouse gas emissions are so vast that these technologies can no longer help solve the problem on their own.

A new MIT study led by Ruben Juanes, the ARCO Associate Professor in Energy Studies in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, has proven that there is enough capacity in deep saline aquifers within the US to store the nation's carbon emissions produced from coal-power plants for the next 100 years.

Read the whole article: New Discoveries for Carbon Capture and Storage.

Do you think this oil website is tweaking propaganda? Is this story right or wrong about "clean energy sources such as wind or solar power"? Is the site and article designed to buy psychological time for the oil industry and to mislead people into thinking that carbon capture maybe just around the corner so don't press for solar and wind and geothermal, etc.?

For the same or less effort to pump carbon into salt aquifers, we could probably supply as much or more energy than all the oil, gas, and coal put together via geothermal. I'd like to see a study on that.

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