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We are scientists who agree with critics such as Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., that there is a climate change "hoax" being perpetrated on the American people. We just don't agree on what the hoax is and who is being fooled. Sen. Inhofe and his associates want us to believe that the science of climate change is the contrived "hoax." Their claims cannot withstand even the most cursory scrutiny. Does this "hoax" date back to 1896, when Nobel Laureate Svante Arrhenius presented his findings that human activities releasing carbon dioxide to the atmosphere could ...

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I couldn't agree more. I'm also glad they mentioned the Evangelical Environmental Network at I'm a huge fan of Creation Care. I call it living by the golden rule. The Christian Commons is to be 100% Creation Care. Why not support it now. Click the link and join and donate. You can do that. You should do that. We'll bring forth together.

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