Israel 'turning blind eye' to West Bank settlers' attacks on Palestinians | World news |

Israel 'turning blind eye' to West Bank settlers' attacks on Palestinians | World news |

Palestinian tries to put out a fire started by Zionists in the West Bank

Why is the US government an ally of these Zionists? Why doesn't Barack Obama speak out against this? Why doesn't Hillary Clinton speak out strongly and clearly against this? Why don't they put up ultimatums against the Zionists the way they have concerning Iran?

Look, if one speaks out firmly and with resolve against these Zionists, one is not siding with people who would bomb those Zionists to death just for being Jews.

Is Obama afraid of the Zionists, with all of their political-campaign money and their deep connections in banking and corporate America and globally, especially their strategically planned dominance in media? Of course he is. Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul are also afraid.

What these Zionists are doing is absolutely no better than what the South African Whites did to the Blacks. In fact, many of those Blacks say the Zionists are worse than were the White-Supremacist Afrikaners.

How can you be for Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, or Ron Paul since not one of them stands up squarely against the Zionists? Ron Paul too gave them a green light to attack Iran, as Ron Paul really said that it would be none of America's business. In other words, the Zionists would have nothing to fear from a Paul administration. Of course, Ron Paul would want to end all foreign "aid" (tribute) to the Zionists. He wouldn't get far what with the ZOG. Just look at Congress. Congress as it is now constituted is ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government).

Gingrich is an out-and-out Zionist. Santorum isn't far behind, if at all. Romney wets his finger and checks which way the wind is blowing. Obama is the continuation of the DNC, started by Bill Clinton and Al Gore (who was very conservative when running for President the first time).

What a bunch of justice-haters these guys are. They actually think it's okay to compromise on fundamental fairness. I would rather be me in my little apartment than any of them, no matter how many millions they have or will have. It's better to have nothing in this world than it is to continue caving in to evil (not that I'm perfected yet, still). God help us! God save us from these Zionists and those who fear them more than they love God!

Jewish settlers in the West Bank are conducting a systematic and expanding campaign of violence against Palestinian farmers, families and children with the Israeli authorities turning a blind eye, according to confidential reports from senior European Union officials.

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