It's real: Climate change and human influence - Met Office

A Met Office review of the latest climate research confirms our planet is changing rapidly and man-made greenhouse gas emissions are very likely to be the cause. Long-term changes in our climate system have been observed across the globe, from shifts in rainfall patterns to a decline in Arctic sea-ice. The changes follow the pattern of expected climate change and bear the 'fingerprint' of human influence, providing the clearest evidence yet that human activity is impacting our climate.

Read the whole article: Climate change and human influence - Met Office.

I find it amazing that there are people who don't believe human carbon burning and other human activities are causing Global Warming. It is amazing that a couple of oil companies (with a greedy incentive to stop the forces against oil-burning caused global warming) could simply pay some non-climate scientists to start spreading seeds of doubt that so many "conservatives" have glommed onto.

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