This is journalism? "Americans' data to be held longer under counterterrorism rules | Reuters"

Counterterrorism officials will keep certain information about American citizens and legal residents for up to five years, rather than the previous six months, in a bid to do a better job tracking down terrorism suspects, according to new guidelines made public on Thursday.

Read the whole article: Americans' data to be held longer under counterterrorism rules | Reuters.

This is journalism? Certain information, such as -- certain information about all American citizens or just those where there's real probable cause? The article also suggests the info will be kept forever. Which is it, five years or forever? Come on!

Read this:

"These guidelines permit NCTC to access and acquire United States person information for the purpose of determining whether the information is reasonably believed to constitute terrorism information and thus may be permanently retained, used, and disseminated," the guidelines state.

Do you realize what that says? They can obtain any info on a US citizen before knowing if that info reasonably might be "terrorism" related. It's unlimited in scope. Plus it says the info can be kept forever and not just 5 years. Whom do they think they're kidding?

The guideline statement indicates that the guidelines are clearly unconstitutional search and seizure of private/confidential information. It's "legalized" unconstitutional spying if that statement is indicative of the whole set of guidelines.

Regardless, where's the outrage? Where does this invasion stop? When do we stop hemorrhaging civil rights? Are the terrorists in the making really the budding police state?

These people tortured people for crying out loud, and Obama let them all off scot-free. Yet, there are tens of millions of people campaigning for him. There are tens of millions campaigning for the Republicans too, who, with the possible exception of Ron Paul, would turn a blind eye at best to more gross illegalities in the name of national security and state secrets.

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