"Homosexual / Gay Rights" v. Science at the APA (American Psychological Association)

I appreciate Nicholas Cummings' coming to grips with what he could not foresee back in the 1970's. Let me make clear though that what he is describing is exactly in line with the slippery-slope argument that I wholeheartedly accept. The "rights" homosexual campaigners at the time were not open about their objectives. They were stealthy. They are still not being completely open and honest about their even longer-term plans.

Moving from what Dr. Cummings discusses in the videos below (the Leona Tyler Principle) to what we have been subjected to ever since, shows in no uncertain terms that science (as the "scientific method" is routinely taught in the mainstream educational-system) is still being grossly manipulated rather than being allowed to speak for itself by means of proper methodology, unbiased data-presentation, and best-interpretation practices.

I am anti-coercion. My main objective is truth -- letting the truth be and letting it do its work (sans the type of manipulation referred to above). The homosexual movement, per se, is against that. It has appeared for decades now to have been and to still be interested in spinning. It is an extremely desperate movement. It has built for itself an equally extremely fragile house that will shatter once the truth takes center stage again, which it will -- thank God.

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