Are the Sunnis out for control of Syria? Of course they are.

I don't always agree with Robert Fisk, but he often informs me of some historical detail that I'd either never heard of or read before or had forgotten about. It's important to have historical context. I wish more writers would be more informative about the real history of the place or issue about which they're writing.

Interestingly, letters attached to the Franco-Syrian treaties "de-creating" the four states into one national Syrian state in 1936 show French concern for the minorities and their fear that, "excessive centralisation" in Damascus could harm the people of Aleppo. Sunni Muslims, the French Foreign Minister told the League of Nations, were attached to the idea of a unitary state – which would give them a majority.

But that's not quite the way it worked out, even if Mr Jupp̩ remains ignorant of the details of the meddling which the French perpetrated in Lebanon and Syria Рand which the British managed to make even more of a mess of a little further south.

Read the whole article: Robert Fisk: Living on the edge of Syrias bloody war - Robert Fisk - Commentators - The Independent.

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