Single-Payer: Told you so

I never like nor endorsed Obama's healthcare plan. I've always been for Single-Payer.

The use of the Commerce Clause has been nothing short of abused. It's been stretched into insupportable positions.

Therefore, Single-Payer was the way to go and still is.

If Obama doesn't jump all the way onto the Single-Payer bandwagon, then all liberals, progressives, and real Populists should find another Presidential candidate and certainly not any of the Republicans.

The Two-Party System, as it is, is junk anyway. It's beyond reform.

Read this:

via If the Mandate Fails, Single Payer Awaits | The Nation.

I wish I didn't have to function on this low level, but it's where the lost souls are. Stop thinking that to win, you can't radically change hearts and minds! To win, hearts and minds must radically change.


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