Wrong mathaba.net: Regardless of what you think of George Soros, the regime he wants is definitely not in power in Egypt

Here's what mathaba.net wrote about George Soros and Egypt and the Arab Spring there (which is far from over):

In Tunisia and Egypt, simple regime changes took place, and the new leaders are those backed by George Soros money, as one of the wealthiest of the Jewish-Zionist groups among the Global Power Elite.

via A Critical View of Bahrain Protests.

George Soros does not back the Egyptian military that is still in command in Egypt. To suggest otherwise, which is what Mathaba has done, is as misleading as it gets. Soros backs those who are opposed to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces leading Egypt.

There's just so much wrong with that Mathaba article.

Qaddaffi was anti-democratic during his whole reign. Yet, here's what Mathaba says at the outset:

The now famous "Arab Spring", has shown itself by now to have not been what good people had hoped for, an improvement in democracy, human rights, and freedom as defined by the people within their cultural needs.

Why bring up democracy when the one who fell was anti-democratic?

Look, Obama had to be dragged into Libya. Read the history. Hillary was afraid of another Rwanda, and rightly so (even though her foreign policy mostly stinks).

As for Syria, more than any other Arab leader, Assad had the best opportunity to reform in time. Of course, there are dozens of countries "meddling" in Syria, but Assad has been his own worst enemy. He could have announced and worked hard to enforce sweeping reforms and allow the foreign press in. Just those two actions would have completely changed the whole dynamic in his favor. The protesters really did start out open to Assad remaining in power. It was not as it was in Libya (albeit, even Qaddaffi had a window that he slammed shut with all of his bloody talk). The Syrian protesters were much more patient while they were attacked over and over and over. Assad could have begun reforms before the first protest even hit Syria. Face it. He's stupid.

As for Bahrain, the Bahrain protesters are majority Shia. Bahrain is majority Shia. The king is Sunni and autocratic. Iran is majority Shia. The Arab Spring in Bahrain has been a Shia Spring attempt. That's obvious. In general, the Saudis are Sunnis and Arab. Also in general, the Iranians are Shia and Persian. That's what's going on. The Zionists exploit it. They didn't create it. Mathaba tries to foist it off as entirely a New World Order attempt, as if the Sunnis and Shias never fought each other without Zionist stimulation. The "New World Order" Mathaba has in mind is anti-Iran right now. Think about it.

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