Hillary Clinton, the burden of proof is on you, not Iran

Hillary Clinton "mentioned opening Iran's nuclear facilities to international inspectors and shipping out some of Iran's enriched uranium in exchange for fuel for its research reactor."

via The Associated Press: Clinton to Iran: Show that nuclear arms not sought.

Look, I think the Iranians don't have to prove anything but that it would still be a good idea and move on their part to allow full, nuclear-facility inspections. As for Iran having to swap enriched uranium for fuel, that's asking too much. They shouldn't even be asked to do that. It's dimwitted.

Rather than continuing to push on Iran, it's time the world stop the Zionists from taking even one more inch of ground in Palestine and, in fact, get them to give back every last bit of land they've taken by force of arms and schemes, etc. (ethnic cleansing and all the rest).

All of the Zionists' talk about how well the Arabs in Israel are treated relative to how Arab nations treat their own is irrelevant. Besides, Israel helped those Arab rulers, such as Mubarak. Also, the Arabs in "Israel" are definitely second-class citizens. They are constantly being pushed around and out of their houses and not allowed to rebuild because they are constantly denied building permits. It's a scam.

Lastly for now, for those of you who believe Israel has a biblical right to the land, wake up and realize that the Zionists are not living in accordance with Mosaic law, far, far from it. If you know anything about prophecy, Israel is ripped in two and only a remnant survives. Whose side are you on? Those who bless will be blessed, but the Zionists are not Israel (Jacob) proper of the Bible. The Zionists are much more like those who fell because of their wayward ways.

What the Zionists have been doing is vastly worse than what the Iranians are up to. Face it!

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