What an understatement: "Europe warned crisis not over yet - FT.com"

When will people realize that a complete overhaul of the entire financial and economic system is required? When will the whole people realize that the top is feeding off the bottom and the bottom is constantly being sacrificed so those parasites can live in luxury and splendor for being sociopaths? When will the people stop falling for the nonsense about so-called human nature and the falsehood that incentivizing to selfishness is the right path for humanity?

European finance ministers were warned on Friday that the underlying causes of the continent's debt and banking crisis had yet to be resolved, as Spain, struggling to rein in its fiscal deficit, published its most austere budget since democracy returned after the Franco era.

Two confidential analyses prepared by European Union officials and distributed to ministers meeting in Copenhagen said €1tn in cheap loans to banks provided since December by the European Central Bank had provided a reprieve, but sovereigns and financial institutions needed to use the relative calm to shore up finances and balance sheets.

via Europe warned crisis not over yet - FT.com.

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