Typically, "Goldman Sachs had stake in sex-trade website"

One of the largest and most prestigious [hardly any longer] investment firms in the world responded to allegations that it was a stakeholder in a website involved in underage

sex trafficking by selling its stake in the company.

In 2000, a private equity fund run by Goldman Sachs Group Inc.  invested $30 million – a 16 percent stake – in Village Voice Media, which owns Backpage.com, a website that sells sex services and has been exposed by New York prosecutors as using underage girls.

via Goldman Sachs had stake in sex trade website - CBS 5 - KPHO.

Look, they could not have been unaware. Also, plenty of people on Wall Street or who service Wall Street say that Goldman Sachs employees have been very big on drug and prostitution use.

Goldman Sachs engaged in an inside job against the entire US economy. I said it before Goldman Sachs testified before the Senate.

Carl Levin - United States Senator for Michigan

Plenty of people had also said it very early on. Frankly, they've done such terribly unethical things that they should not still be in business. However, sociopath will work with other sociopaths; and Obama preached that the nation must only look forward so the bandits could make their getaway. Oh, yes he did!

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