New head of Israel's Kadima Party extremely pragmatic/expedient, even intelligent, by low Israeli standards

Shaul Mofaz Defies His Image With Lean to Left -

He [Shaul Mofaz, the new head of Israel's Kadima Party] said Mr. Netanyahu's focus on Iran's nuclear program had distracted attention from more important priorities, like making peace with the Palestinians, ending settlement building in much of the West Bank and reducing the country's socioeconomic inequality. Let President Obama handle Iran, he said. We can trust him."

I intend to replace Netanyahu," Mr. Mofaz, 63, said in the party chairman's office, so new to him that behind his desk there was still a poster for Ms. Livni. "I will not join his government."

Then: "The greatest threat to the state of Israel is not nuclear Iran," but that Israel might one day cease to be a Jewish state, because it would have as many Palestinians as Jews. "So it is in Israel's interest that a Palestinian state be created."
...Mr. Mofaz says he would start with an interim Palestinian state on 60 percent of the West Bank and negotiate the rest.

Mr. Mofaz says Israel should keep the West Bank settlement blocs but give the Palestinians 100 percent of their territorial demands by swapping land.

Shaul Mofaz Defies His Image With Lean to Left -

Under international law, all "settlements," whether major or minor, he wants to keep were built illegally.

How the Zionists ever managed to get even the 1948 borders is beyond me. For the non-English state of the United States to be supporting and promoting a "Jewish" (ethnocentric) state carved out mostly by terrorism and violence is beyond me. Caving into the Zionists is no better than bailing out sociopathic banksters and rewarding them with even larger bonuses. However, the Zionists are getting their reward now. How they'll escape proportionate damnation is also beyond me.

Everyone over there needs to be quick to repent, which includes being quick to forgive. Mercy!

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