Number fudging: US hiring down while US unemployment rate also down

Look, you can't be honest while removing the unemployed from the unemployment stats just because they've given up looking because they can't find a job anywhere even though they want a job and are ready and able. Where's the federal legislation to correct this gross distortion of the truth?

The real unemployment rate is at least, repeat, at least 15%.

A really well constructed survey/poll would show an even higher rate than that. Where is it?

"Employment Increase in U.S. Trails Most-Pessimistic Forecasts - Businessweek"

Hiring by American employers trailed the most pessimistic forecasts in March, casting doubt on the strength of the expansion now in its third year.

The 120,000 increase in payrolls reported by the Labor Department in Washington yesterday was the smallest in five months. The data also showed the unemployment rate fell to 8.2 percent as people left the labor force, while workers put in fewer hours.

via Employment Increase in U.S. Trails Most-Pessimistic Forecasts - Businessweek.

That 120,000 isn't able to keep pace with new people coming into the job market let alone end this real depression were in. Yes, it's a depression. The idea that hitting the bottom and then growing a tiny bit means the "recession" is over is one of the most deceptive definitions around. A recession is over when we return to the longterm trend line and whether "economist" say so or not. Get real!

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