What I said: Study: Rise in Earthquakes Linked to Oil and Gas Production

As I wrote years ago now, there is no way humanity can continue such extractions without seriously disrupting the crust of the Earth. I stand by the statement. There is no way that such extractions can be decoupled from seismic activity. The Earth's crust wraps the whole world. In the vast configuration of things, what we do on such a huge scale (and gas and oil extraction is huge) is not completely localized.

It is similar to my position on Global Warming. There is no way humanity can continue pumping huge quantities of CO2 and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere without seriously warming the atmosphere of the Earth.

These positions are common sense. It is a matter of degree. It is a matter of cumulative impacts.

Are there steps that can be taken where extraction and greenhouse pumping could continue without devastation? I'm sure of it. I'm also sure that those things should be put into place before extraction and pumping, not after years and years and years yet of continued selfish, greedy stupidity.

Researchers say oil and gas production may explain a sharp increase in the earthquakes from Alabama to the Northern Rockies. A U.S. Geological Survey team reports that the rate of quakes jumped six-fold from the late 20th century through last year, and that the changes were "almost certainly man-made."

via Study: Rise in Earthquakes Linked to Oil and Gas Production | citydesk.

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