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This is where it began (this time) Catholic bishops bless gay marriage rollback | Strange Bedfellows — Politics News -

Here's my follow-up.

Marlene Bomer,

Corbin was bringing up the bottom here, but .... here you've come – all talk and no substance.

"I see the PI's not immune from having dogmatic, indoctrinated little robots infesting a civil discussion with some moronic cherry-picking, then trying to slap the actions of a few upon an entire category."

At first, I wasn't sure you weren't Christian writing about all of the homosexuals and pro-homosexuals who've commented on my original comment, etc.

Cherry-picking? What cherry-picking?

"It's no different than if little Tommy was wearing a wihte sheet with a dunce cap on his pointed widdle head and claiming that a certain race is inferior because of the color of their skin."

There's plenty of difference. It's not bad behavior to simply be Black. It's evil to engage in homosex and sodomy. Of course, you don't understand that because you're too busy not thinking deeply enough to come to the proper conclusion rather than the one you've been conditioned/abused/neglected into accepting. I have never lumped all Blacks together any more than I'll lumped together all Whites.

To equate homosexuality with being Black is an offense to Blacks and very disingenuous to say the least. Blacks are born that way. They don't change their evil behavior and suddenly become not Black. They become good and remain Black until their flesh gives up the ghost. There are plenty of evil Whites. The color of one's skin is irrelevant. The same may not be said of homosexuals. No matter what, regardless of the rest of a persons so-called outward appearance, homosexuality itself is evil behavior. One cannot proceed on to perfection (Jesus's calling to us) while continuing to engage in or to promote or even accept homosexuality.

In addition, if there were any truth to what you've claimed, why have I never engaged in any KKK-type actions concerning homosexuality? No, your appeal is highly illogical. You're just clutching at straws because you have no solid basis for your views. You're simply speaking out from dysfunction and refusing to come to grips with your confusion.

Sure, it's harder for the more confused. The greater the confusion, the greater the "acting out" to wear down the resistance to evil. That's you. That's what you're doing here.

"Tommy, I've encountered little cowards like you my entire life. Your faith is as fragile as a thin pane of glass, as any infinitesimal, imagined threat to your delusional mindset causes you to last out in hate, fear and bigotry, rather than understanding."

Do you discriminate against any people on account of the behavior in which they engage? Is your position that anything goes? Are there no rules in your Heaven?

In my Heaven, there are no enforcers because no one wants to do evil to anyone else. No one is a predatory homosexual, for instance. And yes, my Heaven will conflate with the Earth to become the New Earth. There will be a separation. There has to be. You don't get that though. I don't have to lift even my little finger in violence or coercion for that to happen.

There are Christians in the world who would remind me not to cast pearls before swine; however, I don't expect the swine to get it. Plus, Jesus said things the likes of you didn't want to hear. Look at what those people did to him? Did he also have no faith in your view? Was he a coward? Was he little and a racist? He spoke openly. I do the same. I do what I can. God knows. I care about that, not your petty and false claims – accept that I do want others to see right into you to know how self-centered and harmful your position really is. Maybe you'll even breakdown and ask God for forgiveness and to clean your soul and save you from yourself.

How far are you prepared to take your homosexual fascism? Are you prepared to jail or worse anyone and everyone who disagrees with you and doesn't wish to be force by deadly armed enforcers into "accepting" homosexuality?

So, you think that openly stating on this site that anal intercourse is an error is cowardly do you?

Exactly how do you know how strong or weak my faith in God and Jesus is?

Do you hate me? Are you reaching out in understanding and compassion? Everyone here on this thread who is homosexual or pro-homosexual has shown nothing but hate -- hate for the truth.

You seem to hate the little children who are being grossly lied to every single day through myriad outlets.

If homosex is just fine, why does male-on-male anal sex lead to so many problems regardless of how "accepting and affirming" society is?

Exactly how is it not love to be explaining to people that they've been duped by homosexuality (a disease)? How is it not love to warn people away from it? What is it that causes it? Did you watch the videos? Exactly what points were wrong?

What Nicolosi said in his interviews and the questions and answers with Dr. Cummings made vastly more scientific and plain sense than anything anyone like you ever says.

All you do is play word games and try to change the subject about whether or not anal sex is healthy.

I note that you didn't refute one single thing I've written. You write as if you could refute it all but don't even put a minor dent in any of it.

"I really and truly pity poor schmoes like you who buy into this delusion that because you were born a white male raised in a patriarchal religious dogma somehow makes you superior to me or any other minority."

The truth is what matters, and anal intercourse is an error. It's the main homosexual act in the world, and no claims to the contrary will alter it. Of course homosexuals engage in other sexual behaviors, but anal sex is the thing. That has nothing to do with what you said.

What's your problem with White people and men? Are all White men evil? You sound like you have an irrational fear (phobia) of White men. Are you lumping all White males together? It sure sounds like it. Actually, I'm not as stupid as you are, so I know that, that's not what you mean at all and will say so right here in the open; but you are incapable of treating what I write with even a scintilla of honesty.

What religious dogma are you referring to? My house was for equal rights for Blacks and females as far back as I can remember.

"Sorry, pumpkin... we have a Constitution which was *deliberately* written to prohibit fanatics like you from imposing a tyrannical theocratic rule in this country!"

That document cuts both ways. More to the point though is that you haven't been paying much attention or you're doing the very typical, hysterical, homosexual ploy of cherry-picking and not paying attention. You accuse me of cherry-picking while you read only one side of the free-exercise clause in the constitution. Anyway, I'm the least coercive person who's written in this thread. You're vastly pushier than I am.

I'm for what Jesus preached – the whole thing, not the cherry-picked garbage twisting of the homosexuals, such as the statement I quoted from the post. You did read my original comment, right?

You haven't a clue about me. You have no knowledge about who I've known, homosexuals and otherwise, or my relationship with them.

Do you tell children that smoking is good for them too? Am I a secret smoker because I tell them it's bad for them? I bet the people who speak out the most against smoking just might be those who were the most seriously addicted. However, I'm sure there are exceptions to that. Corbin wouldn't want to think about that though. I would spoiled his illusion.

Corbin has spent huge amounts of energy trying to accomplish who knows what by pointing to some who knows how accurate "studies" suggesting that homophobes (define that) struggle against homosexual temptations at a higher than average rate I guess. Well, perhaps people who have been abused do struggle more. As matter of fact, I'm sure of it. If you watch and listen to and read Nicolosi and the other psychologists and NARTH, you will even hear why that's hardly a far-fetched or insupportable statement on my part.

Human beings struggle against all sorts of bad things. Many, many people who have found real spirit have come through great trials and tribulations in their lives. Many pray diligently not to fall back in with evil patterns of behavior. I see zero wrong with that. I rather find it highly commendable – more power to them! God bless them for persevering. In their patience, they possess their souls rather than losing them to the dark side, where you are.

What does Corbin want to do to those people, shove homosexual XXX porn in their faces in an attempt to cause them to fall? Will he point the finger at someone in recovery to say that, that one is a hypocrite because he or she has twinges from the abuse that others don't experience because they've not undergone the torment? Compassion? You don't know the meaning of the word.

So, if that's the case, and it is, if people are turned into homosexuals by evil, where's the compassion for the abused who were abused and confused into homosexuality? I have that compassion, but I don't have to honor people for refusing to look at the hard facts and who still want the whole of society to "respect" their confusion concerning which they have no inclination to address and correct.

If some boy was homosexually and otherwise abused and neglected, etc., and has had difficulties dealing with issues of homosexuality and is literally afraid of homosexuality, how is that not understandable? It's completely understandable.

You claim that I'm afraid. Well, what am I afraid of and for whose sakes? I feel for the little ones who are being devoured by the evil spirit. Jesus came into this world to divide. He came into this world to preach against sin. He preached against adultery, but there are "poly" this, that, and other supporters running all about. Are you not concerned about the overall direction leading to greater and greater self-licensing to do anything and everything? Are you a hedonist? I'm not.

This thing Corbin continues hammering isn't going to work. It's actually evidence in the exact opposite direction from what he shallowly has been assuming.

Why are you a homosexual whoever you are? What happened in your life? You weren't born that way. Sure, genetics is a factor; but still, you weren't born that way in the sense that it is not a choice in the final analysis. It is a choice. Try harder. In fact, don't try, do. Quit. Get right with God. Straighten up. Get off the broad way to Hell. Enter at the narrow way. Shed your selfishness that keeps you from admitting even to yourself that you're living an unclean life.

What good is homosexuality? What's it do? Is it constructive behavior? Is it completely "normal" and "natural" barring abuse, neglect, deception, etc.? I say it is not. I say that, that's plain to see by how we come into this world, the result of male-female sex (at least until "science" started coming up with alternative methods of insemination). Those methods are artificial, contrived, the way homosex is contrived. There are instances where artificial insemination is not an evil selfishness, with provisos. The same cannot be said about homosexuality.

Clearly, you've lost here. The truth is not on your side.

You see, what you aren't interested in, but I am, is universal repentance. Everyone has erred. The issue is overcoming. You're not interested in overcoming. You don't believe in it. You don't believe that you don't have to be a homosexual or whatever you are. You don't want to face it because you've gained some shortsighted, selfish comfort at the expense of the greater good. You aren't willing to quit for the sake of righteousness. Corbin isn't willing either. He says he's not a homosexual; but regardless, he's advocating for evil and could be engaging in things he wouldn't want certain others to know about. God sees him though. He can't hide.

Maybe that will change.

The first step is to look. You need to search for why you're screwed up and not for what will excuse your confused behavior. You need to ask God for help with that. Now, if you're a quitter and will just resign yourself to the dark side, then you're irredeemable, dead of the spirit of truth and love, and will not find peace.

Peace and blessings to you if you are able to accept them. If not, then I shake the dust from my feet for having found no spirit of peace here. Yes, that's prophesying and whether you like it or not.

Tom Usher

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