Exactly: "Why Economic Populism Is a Winning Strategy for Obama"

This is what I've been saying since before the DLC:

The argument that progressive economic populism repels independent voters is "absolutely wrong," Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg told me. "If economic populism means championing the middle class and making sure the wealthiest pay their fair share as a way to address our problems, they're for that."

via Why Economic Populism Is a Winning Strategy for Obama | The Nation.

Oh, how I came to hate the Democratic Leadership Council!

...the Coalition for a Democratic Majority. Founded by "Scoop" Jackson Democrats in response to George McGovern's massive loss to Richard Nixon in 1972, the CDM was dismayed by two presidential election losses and the organization's goal was to steer the party away from the New Left influence that had permeated the Democratic party since the late 1960s and back to the policies that made the FDR coalition....

Nixon and then Reagan ruined that via the racist Southern Strategy. Of course, why did it work? It's ironic that is worked in the Bible Belt. It wouldn't have worked with Jesus.

Now, the thing is that Obama is not a Populist in spirit or temperament (meaning for the "common" people).

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