Potholer54 / Greenman3610 - The Search for Lord Monckton [AGW-Denier debunked]

I've been watching Peter Sinclair's videos since he first began on YouTube. I've found them to be highly educational. I came across Peter Hadfield's channel later but usually try to watch each of his video's too. You might not like either of their styles. I simply ignore style differences when they are discussing or covering hard science, as it were. Of course, scientific methodology is always ripe for review.

A disclosure of sorts, not that Hadfield hides it; but since this is a Christian blog, I'll tell you that Peter Hadfield is an atheist. If Peter Sinclair has said in his video's that he too is an atheist, I missed it or have forgotten. Anyway, I will continue watching Peter Hadfield's videos, not that I promise not to cut some of them off.

Every once in a while he picks out some person/people to debunk whom I just don't understand why he's bothered, and I often don't get his sense of humor about it/them. I'm assuming some of that is cultural. I need the context to get the jokes.

Most of this is just an aside for those who might wonder why I watch him if they've only seen one video that wasn't really going point-by-point on someone such as Monckton. His Monckton series really was first rate, and if I can find more time, I will enjoy seeing and reading his back-and-forth he discusses with Peter Sinclair in the video below.


Here's Peter Hadfield taking Lord Monckton apart for running away from the debate:

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