Hollande Says He'll Seek New Fiscal Treaty if Elected in France

It's time for Germany's chancellor, Angela Merkel, to go. Her party and she are a major drag on recovery. The German fascination with Austrian School economics is further ruining things. All of these Thatcherites must go, everywhere.

Where's Otto von Bismarck when you need him? No, I'm not a general fan of Bismarck. He did, however, understand how a mixed economy works better than a laissez-fair one.

The main risk to Europe now, Mr. Hollande said, "is that the European economy remains in a recession because not enough credit is provided to companies." He said that increased growth would help shrink debt, and that other European leaders were coming closer to his argument that increased growth is "ultimately a more effective way of reaching the same goal of controlling the debt and reducing deficits."


...the German emphasis on austerity is becoming increasingly unpopular, with opponents saying it creates a self-defeating cycle of economic stagnation leading to lower tax receipts. It has been denounced in large rallies in Greece, Spain and the Czech Republic recently, and has proved to be a losing plank in any recent European election where it was tested.


Hollande Says He'll Seek New Fiscal Treaty if Elected in France - NYTimes.com.

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