Barak restates Israeli hard line on nuclear Iran. Netanyahu lies through his teeth (again).

Defence Minister Ehud Barak restated Israel's fears of a nuclear-armed Iran on Thursday after his top general clashed with the government's line by describing the Islamic republic as "very rational" and unlikely to build a bomb.


Speaking on CNN on Tuesday, Netanyahu said he would not want to bet "the security of the world on Iran's rational behaviour". A "militant Islamic regime", he said, "can put their ideology before their survival".

The portrayal of Iran as irrational – willing to attack Israel with a nuclear weapon even if it means inviting catastrophic retaliation in kind – could bolster a case for pre-emptive bombing to take out its atomic facilities. [It could if people are stupid enough to buy into Netanyahu's blatantly false propaganda. He's a proven liar -- a major, unrepentant, categorical liar. There's video of him bragging about how he lied to the US. Sarkozy was right in telling Obama that he, Sarkozy doesn't trust Netanyahu. Only a fool would.]

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