Elie Wiesel, lying weasal! Obama's not any better.

Why do we have to have this weasel telling such huge lies in the mainstream media? What a gigantic liar this Elie Wiesel is! Iranian President Ahmadinejad never threatened to use violence to destroy the "Jewish state," let alone used nuclear weapons to do it. President Ahmadinejad has been consistent in saying that Iran doesn't seek nuclear weapons and that Iran is not out to destroy Israel militarily but does want to see all the people of Palestine/Israel vote for the kind of government they want. He said that Iran would abide by the decision of the whole people. He appears to be in favor of the one-state solution.

Read what the weasel said though.

In exploiting the Holocaust to justify a buildup to a war against Iran that could well lead to millions more deaths, Obama was merely echoing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who last week delivered a speech on Israel's Holocaust Remembrance Day declaring Iran an "existential threat" to nuclear-armed Israel and equating Iran's nuclear power program to the Holocaust.

At the time, Elie Wiesel, who has made a career as Washington's semi-official Holocaust spokesman, criticized Netanyahu's remarks on Iran. "Iran is a threat, but can we say that it will make a second Auschwitz?" Wiesel remarked. "I don't compare anything to the Holocaust ... Only Auschwitz was Auschwitz."

By the time of his appearance Monday, introducing Obama at the museum, Wiesel had gotten his line in sync with the war propaganda needs of Israel and Washington. "Have we learned anything?" he declared in reference to the Holocaust. "If so, how is it that Assad is still in power? How is it that the Holocaust's No. 1 denier, Ahmadinejad, is still the president, he who threatens to use nuclear weapons ... to destroy the Jewish state."

via Obama Invokes Holocaust to Ratchey d t up War Threats on Iran, Syria.

What's a holocaust denier? Is it someone who knows that the "estimate" of exterminations at Auschwitz has dropped from some 4-3 million down to 1.5 million and falling? If that 3 to 4 million had been part of the so-called 6 million, then that 6 million has fallen no less than 1.5 million down to 4.5 million. If it could drop that much concerning just one concentration camp, how exaggerated have the figures been for every camp or at least others in addition to Auschwitz? Where are the human ashes from 1.5 million bodies cremated at Auschwitz? Well, maybe the Germans didn't start incinerating people until after several hundred thousand were killed. That would still leave the cremains of what, at least a million. Where are they?

Modern technology can see where the Earth has been disturbed, as in digging pits for the cremains of a million people, even if in different pits about Auschwitz. Where's the evidence?

We know that the rooms for the "gassing" were altered after the war. The holes in the ceilings to supposedly drop the gas pellets were added after the war was over. That's a fact. Even the Jewish curator of Auschwitz admitted that fact in a video that is freely available on the Internet and that the Zionists have never disputed but rather sought solely to censor.

Really, if Elie Wiesel and Benjamin Netanyahu (who was caught on video bragging about how he had lied to the US to get the US to go along with him in a bad deal for the Palestinians) can lie about Iran this way, what makes you think their relatives from the "holocaust" didn't lie? Liars have been caught boldface fibbing about the "death camps." They made up preposterous stories that bear no resemblance to what was at all feasible. Some of their stories were so ridiculous that the Jewish courts shut them up before they could go on to get to the more impossible parts of the stories. One fellow upon whose testimony the courts "relied" in convicting Nazis claimed that the death-camp "gassing chambers" were located over train tracks where train cars would pull under and the gas-chamber floors would open like bomb-bay doors to let the dead bodies fall into the rail cars like coal into open coal cars. He wasn't allowed to continue telling his story to get to that whopper on the record in court but was dismissed from the witness box by the judge before that. Nevertheless, his story was published and repeated during his life with his name attached and without any retractions from him.

The people of the whole world need to wake up and stop putting up with these blatant liars! Obama should tell Elie Wiesel and Benjamin Netanyahu to repent or get lost. Of course, Barack Obama needs to stop being two-faced as well, sucking up to the Zionists for money!


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