Homosexualists, what are they and what do they have to do with the San Francisco Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists?

I received a Facebook comment from a Facebook friend of mine. Since he said that I should post CAMFT's cite/URL, I am reproducing his statements/question here and am responding here as well. The post he commented about is this one: Revealing the lies of the Homosexualists: IIRTH Ethical Complaint Against San Francisco Psychotherapists - YouTube.

Here's Steven's comment on my wide-open Facebook Wall:

Steven Baudoin
I am compelled to comment.
1. It would be good for you to include a link to the SF CAMFT site: http://www.sfcamft.org/.
2. The CAMFT statement does not seem offensive to me. It does not appear to be denying the possibility of reparative therapy. "Affirmative multiculturally competent and client-centered approaches" does not equal "gay-affirmative therapy."
3. NARTH and IIRTH certainly have a right to express their opinions, and you have the right to report on that. I believe that you did not fairly present SF CAMFT's position.
4. Exactly what is the meaning of "homosexualist"? You seem to use it as a pejorative.

My response:


The California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT) reaffirms its respect of human diversity, including gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. CAMFT affirms that same-sex sexual attractions, feelings, and behaviors are normal and positive variations of human sexuality regardless of sexual orientation identity.

That's not "gay-affirming" to you? Come on. That is affirming. How can you read it any other way?

CAMFT acknowledges that current cultural prejudice about same-sex sexual orientation compels some clients to seek out sexual orientation change due to personal, family, or religious conflicts, or to better fit into some cultural and religious norms. CAMFT is concerned about children and youth, who are especially vulnerable to harm and who lack adequate legal protection from involuntary or coercive treatment and whose parents and guardians may not have accurate information to make informed decisions regarding the child's development and well-being.

Wow, is that ever loaded. It assumes that people don't instinctively know that there is something decidedly wrong with homosex. It also completely ignores the harm done by leaving vulnerable children on their own when those children have been neglected and/or sexually abused into homosexual behavior.

National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) and others cite peer-reviewed research on their sites that runs contrary to the view that homosexuality is a positive variation of human sexuality. It is that scientific research and reporting that homosexualists seek to censor and in some cases, make illegal.

CAMFT advises mental health professionals that do provide assistance to those who seek sexual orientation change, to do so by utilizing affirmative multiculturally competent and client-centered approaches that recognize the negative impact of social stigma on sexual minorities and balance ethical principles of beneficence and nonmaleficence (sic), justice, and respect for people's rights and dignity.

So, one may assist someone who wants to be rid or of, or to diminish. same-sex attraction; but at the same time, he or she is supposed to affirm multiculturalism (in terms of, among other things, affirming homosexuality as not only normal but positive) and, at the same time, "recognize the negative impact of social stigma on sexual minorities." So, the therapist is to help someone be rid of same-sex attraction while saying to that one that there's no good reason for doing so, even when the therapist fully believes and knows that homosexuality is not a positive thing at all and has the science to back that up.

According to the evidence (when viewed without biased, homosexual filtering and false propaganda), homosexuality inherently is not on a par with heterosexuality. This is where all other things are equal. The negativity is with homosexuality itself. It is not unethical to know that and to state it openly.

So, exactly how was I not fair? NARTH and the International Institute of Reorientation Therapies (IIRTH) know what they are up against: homosexual and pro-homosex fascists. Read the rest of this post and the material linked to below. NARTH and IIRTH know what CAMFT has said and published. CAMFT has not taken a principled stand vis-a-vis the research/evidence NARTH has supplied. The fact is that NARTH has been blatantly and severely misrepresented and vilified by the homosexualists.

As for the term ("homosexualist", what is an Islamist? One might call me a Christianist but for my anti-coercive position. A homosexualist is one who seeks to make illegal the voicing in public of the idea that homosex is fundamentally an error. They seek to use the government to suppress the truth. Their position is ideological and not based upon the scientific method they claim. As for it being a pejorative, pejoration is the process of taking something good and demeaning it. I have never thought of homosex as anything but a gross error. What I take offense to is your use of the term "gay" when referring to them. "Gay" is a euphemism. It is exactly backwards. It is twisting even further than "collateral damage."

The fact is that Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE) work. Change is possible concerning sex, just as it is concerning other behaviors.

I suggest you look into all of this and then start spreading the real truth rather than going with the homo false-propaganda:

"Homosexual / Gay Rights" v. Science at the APA (American Psychological Association)

The truth about homosexuality is coming back

My comments on homosexuality

Fascistic CA Senator, Ted Lieu, claims crackdown on "deceptive sexual-orientation conversion 'therapies'"

Spanish bishop publishes ex-gay testimonies on diocesan website after attacks from homosexual groups | LifeSiteNews.com

Peace and truth are one and the same.

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