Spanish bishop publishes ex-gay testimonies on diocesan website after attacks from homosexual groups |

Juan Antonio Reig Plà, the Catholic bishop of the Spanish diocese of Alcalá De Henares

Juan Antonio Reig Plà , the Catholic bishop of the Spanish diocese of Alcalá De Henares

An 18-year-old anonymous man writes to confirm the bishop's statement comparing the homosexual lifestyle to an inferno. "Effectively, Same-Sex Attraction has been, for me, a hell. Because the homosexual tendency does not consist only of the attraction, but behind it are hidden a series of factors and wounds that have conditioned that tendency," he writes.

"I suffered the rejection of my peers when I was little. I didn't have friends. In high school they would bully me, I was bad at sports...this made me develop feelings of inferiority, loneliness, self-pity, sadness, anxiety, confusion, and to feel different from the other kids. In addition, I developed a strong addiction to masturbation and pornography, with which I evaded reality. I had low self-esteem and I didn't respect myself. That is a hell.

"However, since beginning to work to escape that attraction towards the same sex, my life has changed dramatically," he writes. "I began to struggle against those feelings of self-pity, negativity, and the victim mentality." He says he began to participate in sports and to force himself out of his social isolation, making friends and learning to see other males in a realistic way, "without idealizing," which has often caused his attraction to "disappear," he writes.

The teen congratulates Bishop Reig Pla for his fight against the "gay lie."

"We have to act and propagate this information," he writes, so that people "know the 'gay lie,' so that they know that change is possible, so that they know that there is help for all people who do not want that life of suffering, that hell."

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Wow, only an 18-year-old? I know people in their 60's & 70's who aren't half as mature.

I know many people are afraid right now that the homosexualists are becoming panicky and making political moves in desperation because people such as yours truly have been pointing people to NARTH and Dr. Joseph Nicolosi and the words of Dr. Nicholas Cummings about the anti-science ways of the major associations of psychiatrists and psychologists that have been systematically targeted and taken over by sexual anarchists and psychic masochists.

While I don't want to lull anyone. I do want to make absolutely clear that the facts and the truth will prevail. As I have been openly writing to the great consternation of the male homosexuals in particular: penises do not belong in anuses, period. Those who claim otherwise are clearly suffering from an acute case of cognitive dissonance.

Once that fact about anal intercourse is face squarely, the homosexualists will lose all of their house of cards support and come crashing down where they belong. They must face the evil of their ways. We will not coddle them in their desire to esteem themselves in their confusion. They can get help from us as we lead them to become straight, not remain crooked.

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