It's time for Dan Savage to go, President Obama

It's time for Dan Savage to go, President Obama

Dan Savage is one of the leading pro-gay marriage activists in the nation. He regularly appears on national television shows to advocate his peculiar ideas about marriage, including repudiating the idea that marriages should be faithful and monogamous. Though he likes to shroud himself in "anti-bullying" language, Savage is himself a notorious bully, as the video shows. Savage has even said that the media should stop giving coverage to any pro-traditional [corrected] marriage voice, likening supporters of marriage to the KKK.

It's time for Savage to go, and I hope you'll join me in calling on President Obama to make it clear ...

via The Bully Pulpit? | NOM Blog.

I agree. It's time for him to go. He never should have been there, frankly.

I don't look to punish him, but the President is under no obligation to provide Dan Savage with an anti-faithfulness megaphone. What Dan Savage needs to do is repent of his iniquity.

Did you know that he allegedly repudiated "the idea that marriages should be faithful and monogamous"? I didn't know that he had gone that far. What I knew was bad enough. Someone else can fact check that. I'm sick of the guy.

So, where is Barack Obama on this? How could he have chosen this person to represent him? Does he have no respect for his own marriage? Does he want his daughters to grow up and marry people who subscribe to Dan Savage's attitudes about marriage? Has Barack Obama said anything? I'll be checking.

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