U.S. Proposes Delayed Disclosure of Fracking Chemicals

U.S. Proposes Delayed Disclosure of Fracking Chemicals

U.S. Proposes Delayed Disclosure of Fracking Chemicals.

First you poison the groundwater, then you tell us the chemicals you used to do it. That's the plan of the Bureau of Land Management for the fracking industry. Some environmental protection that is. Whose running that place, the Koch Brothers? Only rabid capitalists who care less about the environment could come up with such an insane plan.

Oh, and guess what all you Obama lovers, the Bureau of Land Management is part of the executive branch.

I remember when the Democratic Party was loaded with environmentalists. What happened? The Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) happened. Triangulation happened. Neoliberalism happened. Bill Clinton happened. That's what happened.

What it was, was turning its back on the New Deal. What did we get for it? We got the current economic mess, that's what. Clinton built on Reagan/Bush. Bush-43 built on Clinton. We got the crash, and Obama's been too weak to be FDR when we need him. Of course, the people elected him. They get what they deserve.

Oh sure, the Christian Commons would be vastly better than the New Deal, but the people can't even do as well as the New Deal. How in the world could they ever be ready for Heaven on Earth? And the Christian Commons would only be a stepping stone. God save us.

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