When Dissent is Stifled: The Same-Sex Marriage and Right-to-Treatment Debates

This stuff has been known for a long time but has been generally censored by the homosexuals who have co-opted much of the media. They brag about it — about taking over the media.

Even more significantly, in the months since the November, 1999, NARTH convention, there have been some well-publicized and important developments regarding the legitimacy and efficacy of these therapies. Most prominently, Columbia University professor and psychiatrist Dr. Robert Spitzer has begun research into whether reparative or conversion therapies actually help people change their sexual orientation. At least initially, the research of Dr. Spitzer (who is called "the architect of the 1973 decision to remove homosexuality from the DSM") tends to support the conclusion that some people really have changed their sexual orientation as a result of the therapies.

He stated to radio talk show host, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, on January 21, 2000: "I'm convinced from people I have interviewed, that for many of them, they have made substantial changes toward becoming heterosexual . . . I think that's news." He added: "All the critics [of reorientation therapies]. . . have not been honest and taken the time to do the research, because it's just politics."

On the television show 20/20, interviewed by Barbara Walters, Dr. Spitzer declared: "I am personally convinced that for many of them, they made rather remarkable changes in their sexual orientation."

via When Dissent is Stifled: The Same-Sex Marriage and Right-to-Treatment Debates.

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