Where is it? The fascist Zionists won't allow it. "Habeas Corpus for Palestinians? - The Daily Beast"

The painful fact is that while administrative detention violates human rights, fair trial is simply not available to Palestinians in the Israeli military courts.  There is no real life alternative to that does provide justice and due process to Palestinians.

Palestinians hold pictures of relatives being held in Israeli prisons during a protest in support of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike and in opposition to the policy of administrative detention in Israeli jails in the northern West Bank village of Araba, Saif Dahlah / AFP / Getty Images

Administrative detention allows people to be held for months without trial, meaning that they do not have the ability to defend themselves in a court of law or be acquitted. While administrative detainees' cases are in fact reviewed by a judge, they are often based mostly or solely on secret evidence which again precludes the possibility of mounting a defense. Israel has at times held over 1,000 Palestinians under administrative detention at a time and today there are over 300 prisoners being held in detention without trial.

via Habeas Corpus for Palestinians? - The Daily Beast.

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