US Lawmakers to Probe [alleged] Underwear Bomb Leaks - Global Agenda - News - Israel National News

We know about how the FBI engages in entrapment all the time here in the United States via informants, double agents, and under-cover FBI agents. There is zero way to be confident in the US mainstream media regarding CIA and other claims about al Qaeda. There is no way, even for US Senators, to necessarily know that the information given in the linked article is anything more than perception management. The CIA could easily entrap people in various parts of the world, giving them the "explosives" and know-how, just as the FBI does right here in America, then claim to have thwarted an imminent attack, etc. Then, the mainstream corporate media, itself hitching its fortunes to US Empire, plays along pretending that the story is beyond question. Pretty soon you have "political leaders" clamoring to shut down "leaks," which adds a layer where questioning the original story is left completely behind.

It reminds me of when the US government issued a formal report stating that Iran had stopped its nuclear-weapons program back in the early part of the last decade (2003, was it?). The trouble was and remains that it was never proven Iran ever had a nuclear-weapons program. Claiming they ended it lent credence to (the stupid, gullible, naive, and easily distracted -- "can fool some of the people all of the time") the idea that if they once had an active nuclear-weapons program, who's to say they couldn't or wouldn't start one right back up again. In other words, false propaganda is all -- false until proven guilty.

Read it with a block of salt: US Lawmakers to Probe Underwear Bomb Leaks - Global Agenda - News - Israel National News.

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