Palestinian hunger strikers expose inhuman Israeli-Zionist system

Where the Hell is Barack Obama? He's cowering at the thought of the Zionists in the US calling him names and not funding his campaign against the equally cowardly Mitt Romney!

When would either of them take a really principled stand for habeas corpus in Palestine/Israel and not back down but win via the bully pulpit!

Internment for prolonged periods without charge on the suspicion of secretive and unaccountable intelligence agencies, whose claims cannot be adequately tested – in Guantánamo Bay, the UK or in Israel – must always be opposed. And in Israel, in particular, administrative detention, first introduced by the UK during the British Mandate, has long been a stain on Israel's democracy, a process by which that detention can be renewed every six months without formal charges in a system administered by the military including, on the West Bank, relatively junior officers.

via Hunger strikers expose an inhuman system | Observer editorial | Comment is free | The Observer.

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