Down with California SB 1172: Pro-homosexuality, utterly fascistic bill to ban patient informed-choice

Take the right stand on this. California SB 1172 is horrendously misguided. It would leave teenagers and younger children, the subjects of homosexual sexual abuse from whatever source, completely banned from receiving help from licensed mental healthcare providers in California in dealing with confusing homosexual ideas thrust into those children's minds and lives. Of course, that's what most of the homosexual activists really want. They want more and more and more homosexuals to be created in the world, even though they also have been claiming that homosexuals are born, not made.

Every true liberal will stand with me against this bill. Those who stand against me on this are not real liberals but rather fascistic.

Read the excellent linked article by Julie Hamilton:

Misinformation Rampant in the Mental Health Field:

"Born Gay, No Change Possible" Myths Never Substantiated by Researchers, Yet Professionals Seem Unaware

Julie Hamilton, Ph.D.

via NARTH » Misinformation Rampant in the Mental Health Field.

Then read this {via NARTH (National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality)}: The Pacific Justice Institute says the following about California SB 1172:

This bill strictly bans counselors from telling young people that it is possible to overcome same-sex attractions and feelings--even if the minor or ... parents seek out this type of counseling.

It mandates a new government form that adults must be given before a counselor or therapist can talk to them about "changing" their sexual orientation. The form would strongly discourage anyone from attempting such a change.

It imposes an absurd government orthodoxy that insists it is possible to change one's gender, be bisexual, or go from straight to gay, but it is dangerous and not really possible for an LGBT person to become straight. [emphasis added]

It blames efforts to change sexual orientation for gay suicides, substance abuse, and even relationship problems.

It suggests government intervention in families that do not fully embrace their teens' sexual choices.

It creates unprecedented legal liability for psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, counselors, social workers and others who suggest that it is possible to change one's sexual orientation.

In short, the bill violates freedom of speech, the right to privacy, and family autonomy.

The Pacific Justice Institute (

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