Twitter Digest: Monday, May 21, 2012

  1. RT @AlArabiya_Eng: #U.S. tells #G8 Syria's #Assad must go, cites #Yemen as model of political transition

  2. RT @haaretzonline: #Denmark to ban labeling #WestBank products as 'Made in #Israel', report says

  3. RT @MotherJones: Why the Chamber of Commerce's #DarkMoney days may be over: #source2012

  4. RT @SultanAlQassemi: "It's important for the maturation of political Islam in Egypt which..will influence political Islam in the Arab world"

  5. RT @AJELive: Activists to hunger strike in solidarity with #Abbasiya detainees #Egypt #NMTGlobal #MODHunger |

  6. RT @amnesty: NATO: Don't bargain away Afghan women's rights this weekend! #NATOSummit #Chicago2012

  7. RT @AJEnglish: Opinion: Time for NATO to face new realities

  8. RT @ahramonline: South Africa wants 'Made in Palestinian Territories' labels instead of Israel via @ahramonline

  9. RE: What anger? I'm not angry at MagicTurtle. I haven't felt any anger at MagicTurtle at all. It would behoove you to...

  10. RE: @mathaba2 Big of you to admit it. I'm actually quite favorably impressed by it.

    Oh yes, I've been through the m...

  11. Twitter Digest: May 20, 2012

  12. RE: @ "MagicTurtle,"

    I can't for the life of me understand how you are so unable to read and comprehend my comme...

  13. RE: It depends on the industries. Furthermore, clean, sustainable energy will replace oil, gas, and coal and be more ...

  14. @texad @TomUsher Yes. Such a waste. Such a loss. Because Zimmerman was hellbent on pursuing Trayvon for whatever reason.

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