Sad: Paul Ryan goes into Obama attack mode at the Reagan library -

Sad: Paul Ryan goes into Obama attack mode at the Reagan library -

Ryan, however, took dead aim at Obamas policies, gliding through the ones the GOP loves to hate: the stimulus package, health-care reform, Wall Street regulation, and the failure to rein in the federal debt.

via Paul Ryan goes into Obama attack mode at the Reagan library -

I'm not a Barack Obama fan, far from it; but this Paul Ryan is a macroeconomic disaster. Sure, we could have done vastly better than what Obama has done; but if Paul Ryan had been in charge, we be closing in on national starvation. He's a major depression in-waiting.

For the record:

The stimulus package was way too small and very poorly targeted. It should have been direct governmental employment, as with the CCC under Franklin Roosevelt only much,much more.

Paul Ryan's healthcare reform would leave tens of millions uncovered, which is actually more costly due to the costs of more serious health issues over preventative medicine. What we needed, and still do, is single-payer. Obama literally worked it for the greediest of the greedy to continue enriching themselves by leaving the sick and dying behind.

Paul Ryan is against Wall Street regulation when it was deregulation that allowed the banksters to ruin everything in the private and public sectors, at both commercial  banks and the federal agencies.

As for the federal debt, it's all a matter of relative percentages under this mixed-economic system we have. I'm not for that system. I'm for the Commons; but given a choice between the stimulus and fiscal debt on one hand and Paul Ryan's asinine austerity on the other, I'll take the former every time. By the way, the Europeans (especially the Germans) are coming around to my way of thinking because they've seen how Paul Ryan's way doesn't work.

What we really need are debt-free United States Notes and to completely pay off the National Debt with those notes. We need a modified version of the NEED Act. That's just for starters, all on the road to the Commons.

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