Twitter Digest: Thursday, May 24, 2012

  1. RT @TPM: "Austerity Bomb" -- a terrible band name

  2. Poll: Homosexual "marriage" opposition dropping in US. Why?

  3. He's backwards -- losing it. Let them protest, within reason. "Putin Supports Controversial Anti-Protest Bill"

  4. US suppressing its people, claims analyst Arun Gupta | The News Tribe:

  5. Sad: Paul Ryan goes into Obama attack mode at the Reagan library -

  6. Egypt: "A watershed election for the Arab world"

  7. RE: Why do you call them good or Christian if they execute people? They even execute innocent people.

    A real Christi...

  8. RE: You don't like the teachings of Jesus. I do. I love them. You should clean up your mouth.

    "Not that which goeth ...

  9. Twitter Digest: Wednesday, May 23, 2012

  10. RE: I don't go by "Tommy." I never have. My parents always called me Tom, as did all of my friends.

    What's your reas...

  11. RE: "Why is it 'christians' call others immoral when they need a Book to tell them how to live?" The logic of your qu...

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