Ahmed Shafik Counting on Egyptian Elites' Fears - NYTimes.com

... fears were much in evidence at the American Chamber event. The well-heeled audience cheered as Mr. Shafik suggested that he would use executions and brutal force to restore order within a month....
Ahmed Shafik Counting on Egyptian Elites' Fears - NYTimes.com

In the runoff, Mr. Shafik has sought to seize the mantle of the "glorious revolution." After the applause for his admiration of Mr. Mubarak at the American Chamber lunch, Mr. Shafik specified that what he admired was his friend's ability to keep his personal feelings out of his official decisions.

But critics say they feel like the revolution never happened. For a decade before Mr. Mubarak's ouster, Mr. Shafik had been acclaimed as a potential inside candidate to succeed him, with the blessing of the elite within Egypt's military-backed autocracy.


In Mr. Shafik's short platform, he calls for the military to play a continuing political role as "the guardian of the constitutional legitimacy." He calls the military's economic activities — which include a far-flung commercial empire with little military application — "a strategic necessity." And he seems to endorse continuing Egypt's much hated, 30-year-old "emergency law" allowing extrajudicial detention. In cases of emergency, his platform suggests, the application of such measures should still be exempt from parliamentary review.


...he declined to rule out naming Mr. Mubarak's former vice president and feared spy chief, Omar Suleiman. "If it was possible for the expertise of Omar Suleiman to be used in any place, why not use it?" he said, to big applause.

Ahmed Shafik Counting on Egyptian Elites' Fears - NYTimes.com.

If that article is accurate and the people elect that person, it's sounds like they'll have elected a dictator to replace a dictator. How in the world did he get 25% of the vote?

My feeling at this point is that he won't win. If he doesn't, then we will really see what the Brotherhood is made of. If they allow real freedom of religion, if the Christians will really be able to be openly Christian and not fear the state, it will be a new day in Egypt and God will bless them.

They would be tested though and tested hard, very, very hard.

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