"Houla massacre seen as turning point in Syria conflict." Is it?

"The evidence is not murky and there is a clear footprint of the government in this massacre," said Peter Wittig, Germany's U.N. ambassador.

Russia disputes the evidence and continues to defend its key Middle East ally.

"We don't believe that the Syrian government would be interested in spoiling the visit of special envoy (Annan), a very important visit during which we expect a lot of progress," said Igor Pankin, Russia's deputy U.N. ambassador.

Houla massacre seen as turning point in Syria conflict.

Assad's people continue to say over and over that there is a pattern that before major events, such as a UN visit or decisions, etc., there's news reporting of some massacre by Assad's forces. Now, if that's true and Assad's forces are actually doing the massacring, then Assad is using reverse logic as a propaganda tool; but it's largely failing.

It really would make zero sense to use it. It would make much more sense to kill between those major events and then to avoid killing leading up to them and just avoid the whole reverse psychology bit.

It is also interesting that what's talked about in all of the news I've seen on it is shelling, but then there's the talk of point-blank range shootings, many of them. How many of Assad troops were killed? Where are their bodies?

I'm not excusing Assad. I don't agree with Assad's regime. I am though unwilling to simply take the word of the US mainstream media and "liberal" alternative press that seems to be siding with the Saudis and others against Iran and Iran's allies, such as Assad.

You will note that Netanyahu has finally broken his "silence" on Syria. I think the whole thing is a Sunni versus Shia thing with the Saudi "Royals" being hardline Sunni for convenience to protect and increase their stranglehold on Arabia.

I'm no Iranian sharia fan, but I don't trust Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton at all on the longterm objectives of the "US." The way Obama handled Libya was very callous, frankly; and I really, really was not a fan of Qaddaffi either.

Are there any real leaders out there? I like to see just one.

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