Twitter Digest: Tuesday, May 29, 2012

  1. The euro version of debt-free United States Notes would solve the whole thing in two weeks! via @InternationalBI

  2. Why does everyone talk about nothing? Bonds schmons, yak, yak: Battle Keeping Germany In Eurozone via @InternationalBI

  3. RT @NYTimeskrugman: Austerity Defenses

  4. RT @EgyIndependent: Court acquits all Massara church case defendants #Egypt

  5. Why Does Dinesh D'Souza Advocate Colonialism? via @thinkprogress

  6. If you don't like what I tweet, unfollow me. I'm not in it for the number of numb followers. I'm in it to spread truth & awareness.

  7. There are unsubstantiated rumors going around in the mainstream that Iran has an assassination squad. Demand hard evidence, not hearsay!

  8. "The 'war on coal' is a myth | Grist" and so is "clean coal"

  9. RT @RamyRaoof: #Egypt: Q & A on the Trial of Hosni Mubarak #HumanRights

  10. Former GOP Senator Slams Republicans For Refusing To Compromise On Taxes | TPMDC

  11. RT @MotherJones: .@SenJohnMcCain appears to be rejoining the fight against #DarkMoney. writes @andrewkroll

  12. Obama faces Armageddon - European Financial Crisis -

  13. RT @Salon: Greek exit from European Union could destroy Obama

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