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Bill Clinton criticizes Obama's Bain attacks, praises Romney's 'sterling business career'

Bill Clinton is defending Mitt Romney for making tens of millions of dollars, hundreds of millions of dollars, while Romney heartlessly carved up businesses (some of them perfectly sound by common mixed-economy standards) putting thousands out of work. This is the same Bill Clinton who presided over massive deregulation following on the heels of Ronald Reagan/Bush-41 and which was only made worse by George W. Bush and all leading to the current meltdown. America was sold a bill of goods when it was told how "smart" Bill Clinton is/was.

"Weapons are entering Syria through its borders with Lebanon and Turkey," Riad Haddad said in an interview at the Syrian embassy in Moscow today. "And these are heavy weapons."

Syria Says Saudis Sabotaging UN Plan by Arming Rebels

Well, that's what intelligent people wanted to know. However, Assad needs to prove it. Just making the claim without hard evidence isn't going to work. I'm not saying that it's untrue.

I'm pointing out that if he doesn't capture some of these heavy weapons in the hands of the "rebels" and do so in a way that can't be disputed, such as by someone saying that the weapons were placed with the rebels by Assad forces, he isn't going to convince enough people in high places to stop the US and Saudis in their imperial (and neocon/Zionist imperial, in the case of the US) tracks.

Finally, of course the Saudis are funding anti-Assad violent revolutionaries. The Saudis are already at war with Iran in a very real sense. The Saudi "Royal Family" hates the Shia Iranian regime more than it hates the Zionist Project.

... the fifth time that the Geneva-based council called an urgent meeting on Syria, something the country's ambassador to the U.N. in Geneva, Fayssal al-Hamwi, said was a sign that some countries are trying to divide his country.

Al-Hamwi, too, condemned the massacre in Houla, but blamed it on "groups of armed terrorists" seeking to ignite sectarian strife.

U.S. Ambassador Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe said there was no doubt that Assad's regime was responsible for the killing."

French president says Syria's Assad has to go

That's what I mean. If Assad doesn't prove what his people are saying, then Donahoe and others will continue insisting that Assad's forces are responsible every time there's a mass killing.

Meanwhile, a different U.N. expert panel tasked with investigating allegations of torture worldwide said Friday it was deeply concerned at widespread and systematic violations of international law by Syrian authorities, often using militias known as Shabiha. The panel said its conclusions are based on "consistent, credible, documented and corroborated allegations."

Among the violations it cited are large-scale attacks, killing and torture of civilians including many women and children, summary executions, mass graves, sexual violence, secret detentions and arbitrary arrests.

The problem I have is that the same sorts of people making these claims are the ones who made up the lies about Iraq and Saddam Hussein. There were no WMD's! They are the same sort who for years were insisting that Iran is known to have a nuclear-weapons program. I kept calling those people liars and demanding evidence. They backed off claiming that it is a fact the Iran has a program and now routinely use the word "alleged," as I had insisted.

None of this means I'm pro-Assad or pro-Islamic sharia theocracy in Iran or was pro-Saddam Hussein. I am not and was not.

The eurozone debt crisis has hit workers hard, with grim data showing Friday a manufacturing freefall and unemployment at a record 11 percent, piling pressure on EU leaders to restore growth.

The unemployment rate in March and April was the highest since the eurozone was created in 1999, and analysts warned it would likely rise further.

Eurozone unemployment at record 11%

Well, the Germans are the hang-up. They think the only options are austerity or hyper-inflation. If the euro were to be a debt-free currency, as with United States Notes, and if the supply were pegged to real-productivity spending and velocity, the EU could be deflation and inflation free while growing hugely and with no systemic unemployment.

The same thing applies to the US, which just saw its unemployment rate rise. Of course, the US hasn't been using proper methodology because it drops people who have given up looking for work. The proper number should be all those who want work regardless of whether they've given up.

US Creates 69,000 New Jobs, Unemployment Rate 8.2%

Obama raised concerns that the Stuxnet program, code-named Olympic Games, would embolden other countries, terrorists and hackers to use similar attacks, but concluded that the U.S. had no other options available against Iran, the Times story said.

Report: Obama Ordered Stuxnet Attacks on Iran

If it's true, and I don't have any reason to disbelieve that Barack Obama authorized the cyber-attack on Iran, he did a very evil thing (among all the other very evil things he's done: Predator Drones, etc.). There was and remains a very clear alternative to such attacks and that is decency. The Iranians are not immune to decency. However, who's tried it with them in my lifetime? When I read the modern history of Iran, I read of the British and then the Americans being hyper-selfish concerning Iran's oil resources for one. Winston Churchill and US President Dwight D. Eisenhower had no business overthrowing the duly elected Iranian leader in 1953 ('état).

That's why we face the problems we face now over Iran.

Poland welcomes Obama letter on "death camp" error

Who doesn't know it that when someone says Polish concentration camps (referring to WWII) that, that one is referring to Nazi concentration camps? Barack Obama, concerning whom I am not a fan, was roundly attacked by Poles for having said Polish death camps. The whole thing is ridiculous. No one didn't know exactly what he meant. I'm so tired of people jumping on others when it is obvious to all what is meant.

Now, for someone to calmly suggest that saying Nazi rather than Polish would be clearer or less confusing to the youth would not have been unacceptable, but to attack, was in furtherance of deeper ignorance/dumbing down.

Also, the article says "... the Holocaust, in which some six million Jews were killed." Since people are being sticklers, let's point out that the "six million" is a completely unsubstantiated allegation. The number for Auschwitz alone has gone down by well over a million, yet that six has remained six rather than dropping accordingly to at least as low as five. Consider it.

Consider how you've been duped by the same people who have claimed that Palestine was a land without a people even while hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Arabs were dispossessed of their ancestral lands by the lying, cheating, ethnic-cleansing Zionists (thankfully who do not represent the best of those who call themselves Jews).

That "six million" is no more true than that Iran has a nuclear-weapons program or Iraq had WMD's in the lead-up to the US attack and invasion or that, as I said, there were no people in Palestine before the Zionists horned their way in or that people can't change their "sexual orientation."

"Six million" is a wild exaggeration, at best. I say that while being no fan of Nazism at all. It's just a question of who was/is the bigger liar. We all know, or should, that Netanyahu bragged about lying to the US and getting away with it (because Americans to the Zionist leader are stupid beasts to be herded as cattle).

Top US companies shelling out to block action on climate change: Analysis of 28 companies finds cases of support for thinktanks that misrepresent climate science, including Heartland Institute

Reading that article, you'd think maybe the Union of Concerned Scientists study authors had been reading my comments over on ("Global warming? What global warming? says High Priest of Gaia Religion - Telegraph Blogs"). However, the authors didn't throw together their report just since I wrote my comments. It would be better to say that I anticipated their report or that much of the background info is actually common knowledge to those of us who've been researching the false-propaganda techniques of the corporate-shill industry for years, even decades.

Anyway, contrary to the shilling by the heartless Heartland Institute, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the US Chamber of Commerce, and the National Association of Manufacturers (Study accuses corporations of hypocrisy on climate change), there really is AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming). Oh, and nicotine is highly addictive and the Iranians don't have a nuclear-weapons program.

"What we need to remember is that we have a number of excellent non-partisan scientific resources... [They] all tell us that human activity is altering the climate in ways that are disruptive to our economy and way of life."

But some of the 16 scientists who signed a letter this January titled "No Need to Panic About Global Warming" disagree.

Dr. Richard Lindzen, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at MIT, was one skeptical scientist who signed the letter. He said that the finding that skeptics know as much or more about science surprised him "not at all."

"MIT alumni are among my most receptive audiences," he added.

Global warming skeptics as knowledgeable about science as climate change believers, study says

Wholly cow! When you click through to the article on the Wall Street Journal (No Need to Panic About Global Warming: There's no compelling scientific argument for drastic action to 'decarbonize' the world's economy), you read the following:

Perhaps the most inconvenient fact is the lack of global warming for well over 10 years now. This is known to the warming establishment, as one can see from the 2009 "Climategate" email of climate scientist Kevin Trenberth: "The fact is that we can't account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can't." But the warming is only missing if one believes computer models where so-called feedbacks involving water vapor and clouds greatly amplify the small effect of CO2.

That's a prime example of total distortion - taking something completely out of context. Kevin Trenberth did not say there has been a lack of global warming at all. Read this:

Trenberth's views are clarified in the paper "An imperative for climate change planning: tracking Earth's global energy". We know the planet is continually heating due to increasing carbon dioxide but that surface temperature sometimes have short term cooling periods. This is due to internal variability and Trenberth was lamenting that our observation systems can't comprehensively track all the energy flow through the climate system.

Trenberth can't account for the lack of warming

He was not talking about the trend over 10 years. The trend over the last 10 years is that it was the hottest decade in modern history and getting hotter!

What nerve FOX News and the Wall Street Journal have. They are supposed to be journalists but didn't even bother to fact check that? They didn't fact check it on purposes because they are in the hip pocket of the polluters!

That idiotic WSJ piece goes on to make the false claim that the rate of warming is not as great as predicted. In fact, it's worse, which is what I predicted. The rate of sea-ice melt is greater than they had thought would occur. It is accelerating. It is cumulative and geometrically progressive is my contention.

It doesn't matter a tinker's damn who signed that article when they've clearly fallen for the garbage label "Climategate." There was no "Climategate." There was no cover-up. Those signers are dupes, minions, or shills - no exceptions!

Posted on 11 May 2011 by John Cook

I was talking about climate to my dad last week (since the book launch, he will now talk to me about the subject) and I mentioned that 97% of climate scientists are convinced that humans are causing global warming. He registered great surprise at that statistic. "I thought it was more 50/50", he said. It made me realise just how good a job both the mainstream media and the fossil fuel funded disinformation campaign have done in confusing the public about the scientific consensus on global warming. At the same time, I was working on a consensus graphic (cribbed from the Guide to Skepticism) for a video presentation. So as a tool for anyone wishing to communicate the scientific consensus, I've added the following infographic to the Climate Graphics resource:

Infographic: 97 out of 100 climate experts think humans are causing global warming

Heartland Institute's Self-Inflicted Downfall

Attacks on science and scientists by Heartland and ALEC (both backed by the Koch Bros and big oil) are behind the poisoned debate over climate change policy. While Heartland stokes the attitude of climate denial, ALEC writes and pushes the laws to turn back the clock.

ALEC is currently working on dismantling state Renewable Portfolio Standards, pressuring the EPA to designate palm oil as a renewable fuel, pushing for loopholes in disclosure of natural gas fracking chemicals, and killing regional climate cap-and-trade pacts, along with eliminating clean air and water regulations.

And ALEC is behind the voter suppression laws sweeping the country - did you hear about Florida yesterday? And the governor recall coming up in Wisconsin is all about ALEC's agenda.

Corporate Members Fleeing Heartland, ALEC

There you go. That's tying it together somewhat.

Gay Superheroes Take On a New Foe: Bigoted Moms

God, I'm so tired of homosexual and pro-homosexual airheads. I don't need the Bible to tell me that it is utterly moronic, counter-productive, diseased, for a man to take it in the anus and up the rectum.

What the Hell is the matter with people these days? Why are they being so consistently stupid on this issue? If you think homosexuals sodomizing each other is not unhealthy in every way, you're an idiot!

What those who know this should never do is soften the message so as to "appeal" to a broader audience. Softening the truth kills the soul. A truly soft heart will not do that. It takes a hardening of the heart (abused and distorted!) to obfuscate and twist reality to suit bad behavior. That's why homosexuals put bitter for sweet when they call their hate-of-truth "love."

It's your disease that has you. You are controlled by it to your doom if you don't overcome.

Is this bigoted against homosexuals? Of course it is. I'm bigoted against war criminals too. Does that mean all homosexuals are war criminals? It depends upon the war. If it's a war for truth, the vast majority are.

So, to DC Comics, with its "superhero" Alan Scott, Green Lantern, coming out of the dark closet as homosexual, and to Marvel Comics with its "gay" plans, you have mentally ill people running your shows and that will come back to haunt you.

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Ten t-shirts for sale on Target's retail website, featuring slogans like "Harmony," "Pride" and "Love is Love," are causing some disharmony: They're being sold as a fundraiser supporting a marriage equality group.

Target's t-shirt fundraiser riles marriage amendment supporters

Homosexuals are proud to take it up the anus and rectum, which were clearly design exclusively for the elimination of feces and which are also clearly not designed for the friction of intercourse. Other symptoms of the disease that is homosexuality result. It's a fact. Target's management and ownership is stupid on this issue.

It is not good for society or individuals that male-female-only marriage (father/mother homes) are being systematically deprecated. It is not a healthy development. It is not good for children. Children are being thoroughly confused by all of the pro-homosexuality. They will become more unruly as a result. Backward decisions such as Target's will come back around on Target.

Pride goeth before the fall, and homosexuals are pride filled. Their fall will be all the greater.

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