Houla truth and nothing but the whole truth

We will probably never know the truth about what happened at Houla – at least, not before the regime-changers in Western capitals and their Saudi allies kick the propaganda ball over the goal post.

Remember that the aim of war propaganda is to create a general impression, not to establish the truth (or falsehood) of any particular disputed fact. The idea is to hurl as many accusations against the target as rapidly as possible, without regard for their source, so as to generate the kind of murkiness where the truth can be created, rather than merely reported. It's all about establishing a narrative, and any bothersome facts cropping up and getting in the way are hurriedly kicked aside.

via The Houla Hoaxsters by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com.

Justin Raimondo comes at it from a Libertarian approach.

It is claimed the Syrian army bombarded Houla, and yet the photos shows people with their throats cut, and shot in the head at very close range: this seeming contradiction required a revision of the "activist"-supplied narrative, which was duly changed to depict government-controlled "militias" coming into the village after the bombardment. Yet even this hasty revisionist version didn't cover all the bases: for example, one of the victims was a candidate in Syria's recent elections who had refused to stand down at the demand of opposition "activists." He, too, was brutally murdered, and the question is – by whom?

I've seen this picked up by pro-Assad propagandists as that the people killed were pro-Assad. However, Justin mentioned just one person. The people who did the killing, is it expected by Justin or anyone that they would take the time to perfectly discriminate? I reserve judgment.

Justin Raimondo has some valid points/questions, but the idea that the US is driving the Saudis is highly unlikely. The US is not monolithic even at its "top." Wealth, power, and control are the aims, but those concepts are a mixed bag when one looks at the megalomaniacal elitists.

At the other end of the "spectrum," there are the Trotskyists.

In "Conflict over Syria threatens Lebanon's stability," Jean Shaoul lays out some of the complexities of the greater region. Keep in mind while reading it that even though Assad backed away from Baathism, there's still a core there that is anti-capitalist, just as Qaddaffi (as nutty and often utterly self-centered as he was) was.

What's democracy to do with it all? Well, if the crony capitalists own the mass media, which they do, then nothing other than wishful thinking.

Justin said:

Today's column brings to mind Wesley Clark's 2007 revelation, proffered in a speech to the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, that he was privy to a classified US government plan to overthrow seven governments – Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, and Iran. Gen. Clark told his audience this was prefigured by a 1991 conversation he had with Paul Wolfowitz, in which the then-Undersecretary of Defense gave the project a timeline of five years. While they may be a bit behind schedule, it looks like the War Party is today on the brink of success.

The Soviet Union had been on the radar screen (fell in 1991). Re-rising Russia is on that screen now the more Putin "strengthens" it. The real target though is China -- has been all along, ever since Mao. The Chinese government will become fully "Westernized" or be attacked long before China can really rival the US. The Pentagon and CIA, etc., will continue telling the American people that China is stronger than it is and on a trajectory to overtake the US in every way. The US goal will be regime change in China to leadership that will be as close to the US as the closest NATO member. The issue though is nuclear war. If the US can't change China short of that, the world will become unfit long before Global Warming can finish melting Greenland.

It is such a shame that the top elitists aren't smart but rather extremely stupid.

Anyway, neither laissez-faire capitalism nor dictatorial socialism will cut it. Wake up or be damned.

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