Go much further than Alex Jones exposing Katy Perry's Man-Hating, Marine-Recruitment Video

If Alex Jones is incorrect here, then let the mainstream media actually fact-check him and publish the results and offer Alex Jones the equal time and space to refute the "fact-checking" or to admit errors and to also duplicate the full "debate" on his channel and blog.

I don't know who Katy Perry is other than from this video. I had seen her name before, but I believe it must have been in some headline asking me to click through to some "entertainment" section. I don't look at much in the "entertainment" sections. I suppose by now, there are more "stars" in the "news" that I don't know than that I would recognize. Some of it spills over into my "world," such as with this Alex Jones piece.

I understand that, that has to happen when dealing against and for the various forces of darkness and light, respectively. I don't fault Alex for hammering against that video at all. He's absolutely right that it was totally false propaganda. What he didn't mention was that lesbianism is the next open "liberation" of, as Alex calls them, the man-haters.

The most important things he pointed out were the psychological manipulations of the duped and that the thrust is replacing the one flesh of man and woman as married with the state. He's right about that. It's a bad governmental system.

There is zero good reason for "government" not to be founded on the one-flesh concept/fact stated by Jesus Christ. There is zero good reason for woman (the whole) not to be maternal, feminine, and to raise up men rather than often homosexually sexually abused "Momma's boy" homosexuals and the like with dominated or neglectful fathers.

You will also be wise to make the connection between the fascism of the state advocating the greatest coercive violence for the cause of anti-heterosexual union as the main unit of society and humanity, for the cause of homosexuality that lies at the heart of the anti-Christ spirit of the greediest of the greedy who sit at the top of the upside-down economic pyramid where the monopolists and Ponzi-scheme artists, the crony capitalists and their overlords, give the orders.

It's all connected: violence, greed, and sexual depravity. It's all anti-God, anti-Christ. The minions, dupes, and shills of the violent, greedy, and sexually depraved are fooled.

Alex Jones gets some of it. He has a long way to go though to get all of it.

He knows I'm here. I've been here for years. His people and he have watched closely what has been said and written about him. It used to be easier before his audience grew, but it still isn't impossible. He's still marginalized by the mainstream enough that keeping tabs on things is manageable. He also knows enough about the manipulation methods to know that he doesn't want to mention me or this site by name and to directly address my statements.

It's not that this is a small site. It's that it too has been, and still is, marginalized on purpose by the mainstream and by much of the self-styled "alternative" to that mainstream as well. That's how ideas are kept out of the minds of people.

That's how those who make any inroads into manipulating others for selfish reasons keep what control they have. That's why the connections between greed, violence, and sexual depravity are not seen and not discussed though they are there and must be dealt with before humanity may truly survive and thrive.

There's a rightful place for censorship. Alex censors on his site. I censor on this one. I don't censor out the truth. This isn't a tell-all site though. Part of the truth is to be as wise as the serpent. For a wound to heal, it is often best to cover it. It is best to keep out evil exploiters. Tell them to convert instead.

Alex hasn't been able to bring himself to the full truth of it because it's not in the spirit of laissez-faire capitalism but rather the giving-and-sharing system clearly outlined by Jesus Christ in the Gospels and fully consistent with the marriage of that one flesh, also per Jesus.

What's best for individuals and for humanity? Real Christianity is best. There's nothing better and never will be. Real Christianity is not Old Testament. It is not capitalism. It's New! It's the future. It has not been done yet.

The darkside loses. The US Marines lose. The violent lose. The homosexuals lose. The sexually depraved lose. Capitalism loses. Greed loses. Coercion loses. Coercive socialism loses. Jesus's philosophy/theology wins. It's the truth.

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