Afghanistan suffers day of bloodshed at hands of Nato and Taliban | World news | The Guardian

"Hello Mr. President, there are women and children in the building where the men went in to hide." The President's response: "Just make sure you attack with enough firepower that you'll be certain to kill those Afghani men suspected of fighting against the US invasion of their country." Farfetchedness? Not much:

In Logar province, which lies south of Kabul but near the eastern border with Pakistan, a Nato air attack on a village home killed up to 18 civilians who had gathered to celebrate a wedding, local government and security officials said.The attack targeted Taliban fighters who had taken shelter in the house, but among the bodies that angry villagers brought to the provincial capital were at least five women and seven children, according to a photographer from the Associated Press who saw the dead.

via Afghanistan suffers day of bloodshed at hands of Nato and Taliban | World news | The Guardian.

A brave military-service-personnel member in reply to the President's orders: "No Mr. President. I won't follow your illegal, immoral orders. In fact, I'm going to do everything in my power to expose you and to bring you down, you and all the other sick war-mongers running the whole world into the dirt."

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