Astounding incompetence? Put this to rest or else! "PROOF!!! Obama Birth Certificate Fraud - YouTube"

Look, this hasn't gone away because Barack Obama has deliberately not done what has to be done. He has not turned it over, by direct request, to the US Supreme Court and Chief Justice Roberts to put to rest. It's either that or Alex Jones isn't just talking out of his hat.

The only things anyone has been able to stand upon who leans to the belief that Obama was born in the US are the newspaper archives announcing his birth. I have never seen anyone go after those announcements as being fake.

So, what's the truth?

I think Barack Obama was born in the US, but why did they do the Certificate in layers? Why is it the way it is? Alex really does have a point that it is beyond bizarre.

The level of incompetence is astounding or intentional. I think it's astounding incompetence.

What's more, the mainstream media has never, and I mean never, covered this story in any detail. That's very, very telling no matter what.

And you wonder why this site isn't "popular"?

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