Follow the Zionists: "Documentary on the USS Liberty: Dead in the Water" - YouTube

You really, really need to watch this at least halfway through before it starts heating up. There's a great deal covered. Don't lose sight of what the NSA knew and the Admiral of the carrier fleet knew and did. Those are the critical aspects. Also, turn on your lie-detector radar concerning the Zionists and Robert McNamara. For instance, listen to the Zionists claim that the US didn't take the war-damage photos that the Zionists didn't have the ability to take at the time.

False flags were, and still are, very common.

You know that the aircraft-carrier personnel know the real story about which jets scrambled when, carrying what weapons, headed where, and to do what. It's probably all archived somewhere. Some enterprising investigative journalist/historian could make a name for himself/herself by digging out the documentation.

You know how they say, "Follow the money"? Well, in this instance, it's follow the Zionists. There were Zionists in the US Navy and elsewhere in the US government at the time. I should think that there are some obvious connections that were simply papered over and hushed up. Some US Navy loving people could dig it out and expose it. Some super-rich movie maker could make a movie about it following the USS Liberty personnel's exact narrative.

It needs to be out there because the US has been doing an evil thing propping up the Zionists while also claiming to stand for the US Bill of Rights. The Zionists want no part of such sentiments toward Arabs, especially of the Palestinian variety. "Jews" are "superior" and to remain "supreme" in Israel no matter what. That's about as anti-American as it gets.

There's no excuse for it. The only reason the Arabs in Israel are better off than those in Gaza is because the Zionists have been given tens of billions of US-taxpayer dollars and those Zionists regularly destroy what the Gazans try to build up. Of course, the Arabs in "Israel" are second-class citizens and always have been. There is no way that an Arab is treated as an equal.

If America is going to live up to its so-called exceptionalism, let America consistently stand up for it's Bill of Rights worldwide and stop clamping down fascistically in America itself (copying the ethically hyper-challenged Zionists).

Personally, I want Christianity worldwide and believe that one day that will be how things are. However, I know that real Christianity is non-coercive. So, everyone must gather together in the spirit of Jesus. Until then, people still need "freedom of religion" or they won't be free to be openly Christian (a Christian can't hide it, per Jesus). We can't be hypocritical and not allow people to choose when we want the freedom to choose Jesus's path to God.

Watch this documentary and share it:

Documentary on the USS Liberty: Dead in the Water - YouTube.

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