Twitter Digest: Saturday, June 9, 2012

  1. Astounding incompetence? Put this to rest or else! "PROOF!!! Obama Birth Certificate Fraud - YouTube"

  2. #Syria Even if Assad were good, the wicked would still seek to destroy him. Nevertheless, he should have tried. He still should.

  3. The Books Daily Part 2 is out! â–¸ Top stories today via @TomUsher @Beyond_Survivor @AuthorInYou

  4. RT @GreeGreece: #FF @tavlesh #FF @Genespark @redglitterx @Tokyo_Tom @bondwooley @TomUsher @CelticCamera @ExtremelyAvg @comeonnoles @KhelNaru

  5. #FF @tavlesh #FF @Genespark @redglitterx @Tokyo_Tom @bondwooley @TomUsher @CelticCamera @ExtremelyAvg @comeonnoles @KhelNaru

  6. #Zionism Dated but a Must-Read: Karin Friedemann: Talking to Jews or Not

  7. @Jaques13Bar Zionist, here you go. Note the last name of the author:

  8. @Jaques13Bar You're under the spell of evil. Wake up. Be smarter & more honest. Join those who know Zionism is wicked and say so.

  9. Sounds like Bradley Manning should now win: defence gets report on WikiLeaks damage to US interests via @guardian

  10. Prideful buggers, that's what the world has come to? There's no more shame with men taking it up the rear end? What a fallen condition!

  11. CNN Poll: Americans weigh in on health care, immigration – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs

  12. Listening with one ear isn't going to cut it.

  13. RE: @TomUsher
    I received no reply over on YouTube.

    I posted the following, which is still there as of this comment:...

  14. RE: @TomUsher I received no reply over on YouTube.

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