US hedges about restricting airstrikes on alleged Taliban in homes

"When there is concern over the presence of civilians, air-delivered munitions will not be employed while other means are available," said a senior United States defense official who was not authorized to speak publicly on the policy deliberations.

via Allies Restrict Airstrikes Against Taliban in Homes -

That just leaves it conveniently up in the air, doesn't it.

They'll murder more innocent people, babies included, and than just claim there weren't other means available. How about these military self-styled geniuses come up with the "other means" for a change?

While domestic police forces are being militarized, what we need is the exact opposite worldwide. We need the military to become more and more like the old, friendly, neighborly cop on the beat who would do everything possible to make sure no innocent life was ever taken while he caught the suspects/perpetrators to have them face a fair trial.

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