Why do so many Americans love Obama's kill list and lies about Iran? What will happen?

...Americans don't just like drone warfare — they love it. A Washington Post poll this February found that 83 percent of Americans approve of Obama's drone policy. (It's hard to think of anything that 83 percent of Americans agree on these days.) In addition, a whopping 77 percent of liberal Democrats support the use of drones — and 65 percent are fine with missile strikes against U.S. citizens....

That unnamed and unseen civilians may be getting killed in the process or that the attacks stretch the outer limits of statutory law are of less concern. Indeed, rare is the American war where such legal and humanitarian niceties mattered much to the electorate.

...nothing about the drone war should be a major surprise to the American people. Throughout the 2008 campaign, then-Sen. Obama was a loud, uncompromising advocate of ramping up cross-border drone attacks against al Qaida in Pakistan.

via Why Americans love Obama's kill list - From Our Inbox - MiamiHerald.com.

That just speaks volumes about the American people, at least the 83%. "humanitarian niceties" not murdering innocent by-standers, the old, the infirmed, young pregnant women, little children, babies? "niceties"?

No wonder the US has been going to Hell in a hand basket. No wonder there's been so much selfishness, greed, violence, and sexual depravity. No wonder evil is glorified by so many. No wonder people are eating each other's faces. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

So if you don't want to be mercilessly attacked even if you are innocent of the particular offense, don't support the indiscriminate murder represented by Barack Obama's predator drones firing Hellfire missiles at wedding parties and such, where mere "suspects" are killed but so are known innocents.

Frankly, if you're one of the 83%, then when you are attacked, don't feign innocence. You're more than culpable. You make it possible via your support and compliance. You're as guilty of murder as Barack Obama is and all the others up and down his chain-of-command.

The "sanitation" of murder isn't fooling God. American comfort with joystick murder isn't acceptable.

The only thing standing between the wrath and America is less than 17%.

Oh yes, the Afghanis and Pakistanis have done much to offend as well, but heartlessness for heartlessness is not improving things.

What do you do when you hear the story of the Good Samaritan, not understand how decency could spread as opposed to all of this hardheartedness?

So, Obama brags about his cold, small, hard heart when it comes to making the calls. He asks the American people to wonder whether Mitt Romney would be equally callous rather than working to get at the root problems of the world that are all selfishness.

And you, what do you do, go ahead and buy into Bill Clinton's drivel that it's better to gain the easy center than it is to drag the whole toward greater righteousness?

Why be evil? There's nothing good in it.

Why has the US spent hundreds of billions of dollars on military counter-productive so-called solutions rather than apply that same amount of money to "humanitarian niceties"? The superrich behind the Military Industrial Complex who have the American people going along with the evil is the answer.

It isn't helping that the US murders with one hand and gives with the other. If America would have been giving with both hands, how long ago would war have left the planet?

Do you really think that Jesus would have been better off fighting back rather than going to the Cross sacrificing for the truth of real love?

Meanwhile, Obama gives speeches where he explains that were America a Christian nation, even the Pentagon probably wouldn't survive. He knows it wouldn't. He does that by way of steering Americans away from righteousness, as if not having a Pentagon would be a bad thing.

Put this on the front page of The New York Times if you have the courage.

And Michael A. Cohen ("Foreign Policy"; "Century Foundation"), author of the linked article, goes on about Iran as the enemy without even touching on the subject of whether or not Iran really does want nuclear weapons or is pursuing them.

As every intelligent person informed on the subject knows full well, there is zero evidence Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons. Yet, about half the American voters are for attacking Iran with no evidence just because they are of the persuasion that it is better to murder the innocent than risk being wrong that Iran isn't pursuing nuclear weapons. Some of them know there's no risk and still want to attack because they are evil imperialists through-and-through.

Even if Iran were to obtain nuclear weapons, why should Iran be considered more dangerous with them than any other nation that has them?

Actually, the whole thing is really about the Zionists and the US looking the other way while those Zionists continue stomping on the Palestinians, stealing their lands, not allowing them to build on their own lands, destroying their infrastructure, and on and on and on — endless excuses and subject changes, distractions, hiding behind the Old Testament while that testament shows the process of the people evolving spiritually, coming to realize that the very acts of the Zionists are anti-righteousness, who is God.

Wow, think about all of that from the outside looking in. How many people in the world wonder whether or not it would be better then to take out both the US and Israel before the US takes them out for nothing? The supposed fear of the Zionists is a cycle creating the reason for the fear in the first place. It's total insanity.

You know your neighbor has actively engaged his household in attacking your house and you and is openly calling for more and greater attacks because you have dual-use gasoline in your vehicle's tank and could be planning to use it to burn down his house. Now, don't you think your neighbor is insane and extremely dangerous and should be locked up so he can't harm others, even murder them? So, isn't Barack Obama insane and shouldn't the 83% be locked up so they can't harm others, even murder them by proxy?

Where's your heart? Where's your brain?

You don't believe me about Iran? Read this by Ray McGovern ("served as a CIA analyst for 27 years"): Iran's Nuclear Plants: Let's try to separate fact from fiction.

You know the Zionists lied and lied and lied and were forced to back off and to change their tune because of people who wouldn't back off demanding independently verified, genuine proof. They couldn't produce it, as I said all along would be the case. Be on the right side, not with the liars! It matters. Your soul is on the line.

Finally, if you're not for socialism because of various coercive leaders in the history of anti-capitalism, then be for voluntary socialism, which is Jesus's message. Understand though that, that message is not absent the message above about cause and effect over the long term, even eternity. Do you know what that means? If you aren't good, evil gets you. That's just how it is. That's the way of it.

Don't blame God. Blame yourself and evil. Gain higher enlightenment — higher than the traditional, common view of the Old Testament, per Jesus.

Freedom is not doing whatever the Hell you want without knowing what you ought to want and doing it.

Freedom is being free from evil. Liberty is being liberated from evil. Selfishness is the root of all evil.

When humanity comes to understand what the self is it will act accordingly and be free and not before. America is not now a free country or the leader of the "free world," far from it.


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