Twitter Digest: Monday, June 11, 2012

  1. Debunking: "Why It's OK for Birds to Be Gay | LiveScience"

  2. Obama, channel FDR. Vow that if you're given the right legislature, you'll implement full employment via debt-free United States Notes.

  3. @CineversityTV Thanks for the RT!

  4. @mrpennybags You're still hooked, & they're loving it. You know that. And where does the nicotine come from you're buying, making them rich?

  5. To Democrats, FDR would be re-elected in November in a landslide. What about Obama? Where're the public-works programs -- full employment?

  6. Boko Haram vows to attack until Nigeria adopts sharia. If you can't convince people to convert to Islam on the "merits," attack & kill them.

  7. US hedges about restricting airstrikes on alleged Taliban in homes

  8. Just because the Iranian leadership isn't perfect doesn't mean the Zionists are right, does it? No, it doesn't; and you know it.

  9. Why do so many Americans love Obama's kill list and lies about Iran? What will happen?

  10. What are E-Cigarettes? A nicotine pusher's dream.

  11. RT @GoodBooksBlog1: The Books Daily Part 2 is out! â–¸ Top stories today via @TomUsher @Beyond_Survivor @AuthorInYou

  12. "CIA gets clearance to unleash Pakistan drone strikes" Where's the outcry from stinking anti-war, anti-Bush "liberals"? "But it's Obama."

  13. Perversity and honour: Scenes from a terrorist's election campaign |

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