Researchers complete the genome of our promiscuous cousins [alleged homosexual bonobos] | Ars Technica

Researchers complete the genome of our promiscuous cousins | Ars Technica

...bonobos have a habit that would probably make them a nightmare for anyone involved in public relations at a place like a zoo: they tend to defuse conflicts by having sex, often with members of the same sex.

via Researchers complete the genome of our promiscuous cousins | Ars Technica.

The description "having sex" is so utterly vague in the face of the issues surrounding claims that literally thousands of animal species contain "homosexuals." Exactly what actions here are being defined as "having sex"? Exactly what actions here are being defined as bonobos of the same sex as "having sex"? Also, are any of these bonobos exclusively "having sex" with the same sex (the homosexual activists' definition of homosexuals)? How often is this "sex" to the point of ejaculation? How often is any such ejaculation inside another bonobo of the same sex? Lastly, exactly how wild are the bonobos in question? How much outside human influence has been imposed upon them? The article said the following:

...primates in the wild have a lot of situations that can potentially create conflicts. At this year's meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, primatologist Frans de Waal showed how, after having a load of food delivered, a group of bonobos quickly split up into couples and started having sex....

The bonobos are being supposedly studied in the wild, but they are being delivered a load of food? What does that mean? Who's delivering the food? How much interaction are these deliverers and researchers having with these bonobos? What sorts of interactions are being had?

If there are homosexual animals, then explain the full set of facts. There are many people who do not believe homosexuality exists in animals in real wild settings. Also, many of them believe that any same-sex sexual activity is unconscious, instinctive sexual drive not akin to the conscious decision in humans to engage in homosexual behavior.

What's the truth of all of this, and what bearing does it have upon human beings (homo sapiens; wise man)?

We're not bonobos, regardless; but I would like the answer put out in the mainstream adult media, especially now that all the children are being taught that homosexuality is just fine: male-on-male anal intercourse is just fine, supposedly nothing to even be ashamed of.

Debunking: "Why It's OK for Birds to Be Gay | LiveScience"

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